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Why Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

People start Brazilian jiu jitsu classes for many different reasons. Some students come to lose weight, burn fat, and get stronger. Others come to learn self-defense. Many students simply enjoy a healthy group activity that allows them to release stress.

Whatever your reasons are for getting interested in Brazilian jiu jitsu, there are some very good reasons to choose Alchemy Combat Club over other programs. The most important one is that…..

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is FUN!

Everyone knows that getting in shape is hard work. Why make it even harder on yourself with a boring workout?

Treadmill? Yawn. Yoga? Double-yawn. Home workout DVD’s? Fun for a minute, but they soon get old and a little lonely!

But with our Brazilian jiu jitsu classes, the workouts never become boring or routine. There’s always something new to learn, a new challenge to tackle, and we work hard to keep you motivated to keep showing up for class.

Besides your coaches, you’ll always be working out alongside other people with similar training goals. You’ll always have other people cheering you on and helping you reach your goals for every single class.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a Great Workout!

Did you know that lots of Hollywood actors use Brazilian jiu jitsu to get in movie-star shape?

The list of actors and actresses who train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu includes Ashton Kutcher, Sean Patrick Flannery, Teri Reeves, Joe Rogan, Mila Jovovich, Jason Statham, and Guy Ritchie.

Jason Statham uses BJJ training to stay in shape for his non-stop action roles in movies like The Transporter. When asked how he keeps fit, he said:

“Yes, I love martial arts. I do some jiu jitsu and some kick boxing. Anything that can help me in my job. But if I wasn’t gonna do it for work, I would have done it anyway because I enjoy that.”

Chicago Fire actress Teri Reeves got into Brazilian jiu jitsu for her career, but it stuck:

“I actually got involved in BJJ because I’m an actress. I’ve played mostly girl-next door type characters and wanted to play more of the strong, leading lady, kick-butt type of woman so I needed martial arts on my resume. The closest martial arts studio to my house was a Gracie Barra. They had a free intro class so I said, “Why not? I’ll try it, probably train for a month, put it on my resume, and then quit.” Three years later, I can’t stop. I love it”

There’s a good reason why Hollywood folks practice BJJ to get into fantastic shape and prepare for film roles. Brazilian jiu jitsu is a total body workout that engages every muscle, from head to toe. And it’s high-intensity, so you’ll always be challenged to go a little further and burn those extra calories in every class.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Practical

To be honest, the world is a very different place than it was twenty years ago. We could all use a little more safety and security in our lives these days. Heck, we need more safety and security in our lives, with all the crazy things happening in the world today.

With Brazilian jiu jitsu, you won’t ever have to worry about being able to protect yourself and your loved ones. Even people with just a few weeks of Brazilian jiu jitsu training have successfully defended themselves from brutal physical attacks.

When you’re training in Brazilian jiu jitsu at Alchemy Combat Club, you’ll know you are prepared. You can relax, knowing that if the day comes when you need to defend yourself, you have it covered.

Get Started Today!

You can get started training in BJJ today for free, with zero obligations or commitment needed to try our classes.  Get your 30-day free trial started by calling us at 303-900-8111 or filling out the form above. We’ll follow up within a day to get your first class scheduled.

There’s nothing to lose but the extra weight and uncertainty – so call or fill out the form and get started today.

Physical exercise in an activity that I enjoy and also requires the use of my brain. Motivation to better myself both physically and mentally.The instruction and structure of the curriculum are head and shoulders above what I’ve experienced in the handful of classes at the other two schools I’ve been to. Fun. Release from a hard week/day. Camradarie.

Jonathan G

IT Manager