Brazilian jiu jitsu for

weight loss: a good


I get asked this all the time. Brazilian jiu jitsu for weight loss. Will it work?  I think people are so bombarded with marketing and information about fitness, weight loss, and exercise routines that they don’t trust themselves anymore. People no longer know what to do to get in shape. It’s a mess, which we’ve covered before. Part of the problem is that the internet and the bookstore are full of people telling you that they have the only problem that works. A bit of common sense would tell you that any exercise is better than nothing, and that most any form of getting active is a good start. So we can all relax about whether we’re doing the ideal thing, and just do something.  If you’re doing nothing, Brazilian jiu jitsu is an awesome place to start. So is basically anything else.

But you’re in luck, because you’ve stumbled across an exercise program that, based on countless testimonials, delivers amazing weight loss results:

I could go on. For hours. Literally. If you want to hear more, just google it.

Why does BJJ work so well for weight loss? In my opinion, it’s because it’s fun. There are tons of things that really work the muscles, or develop cardio, or burn calories. But they aren’t worth a damn if you don’t enjoy doing them. You won’t stick with it. There’s one thing that sticks out for me when I read about these people dropping serious weight doing BJJ. Basically, each person talks about how they had fun training. The fun made them work hard, it made them not skip class, and it made them stick with it over the long haul. Almost all of them also reported that their overall lifestyle had changed. The addition of Brazilian jiu jitsu to their life has created a revolution that touches areas like sleep, diet, and hydration. Not only is BJJ a good way to lose weight, it’s a way to turn your life around.


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