Losing Weight With BJJ:

A simple plan for

weight loss.

Losing weight with BJJ is not as hard as you think. Many new students of BJJ are looking to drop a few pounds. Nutrition is a complex thing, and it’s hard to make specific recommendations to people without really digging into their overall lifestyle. So I’m always looking for basic, simple recommendations that can benefit anyone. These also need to be simple to start, I was pleased to come across this basic recommendation from Mike Baltren at Ambition Athletics. It hits all the right spots for me: simple, easy to start, easy to understand, and definitely in line with my experience.

Here’s the plan:

No Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Cookies or Cake.

It’s really that simple. If you’d like to lose to lose some weight, there it is. There’s plenty more info to be had in the article I mentioned above, but that’s the heart of it. These are foods that have a number of really serious problems. The biggest issue is that they do not provide any real nutrition beyond calories. No one has ever gotten sick from a whole-grain deficiency, or even a carbohydrate deficiency. Noodles, wheat thins, and tortilla chips just don’t have anything you really need. In addition, they are often loaded with things you don’t need – artificial colors, flavors, etc. The biggest danger they may harbor is added sugar – especially when labelled as “low-fat”. Who cares if it’s low fat if it’s loaded with sugar? A 5 pound bag of sugar is ZERO FAT. Doesn’t make it healthy.

But I digress.

The simplest, easiest , radically effective change that you, a new BJJ student, can make to your diet today is:

No Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Cookies or Cake.

Will you stick to it 100%? Do I expect you to? Of course not. It’s your daughter’s birthday? Have a piece of her birthday cake. It’s a very special occasion. You’re at a wedding? Do it up with those wedding cupcakes everyone has these days.  These are special occasions, and you can get away with it on special occasions. But the rest of the time,

No Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Cookies or Cake.

Learn to appreciate salads. Learn to like vegetable side dishes and stir-fries. Eat a steak. Have a baked potato. Eat real food, that came from a farm, and not a factory. As long as you stick to

No Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Cookies or Cake.

I guarantee that you will shed some pounds. And I guarantee that you’ll learn some new foods you like, some you don’t like (I hate beets, it’s ok), and you’ll feel better.


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