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Denver Martial Arts Classes vs Alchemy Combat Club’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

So, how do most other Denver area martial arts classes compare with our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes?

For starters, let me just say that I started off in traditional martial arts like Karate and Kung Fu. I have a ton of respect for these art forms. It’s great fun, it’s good for kids, and it can be a fun family activity.

However, I’d like to give you some reasons why Brazilian jiu jitsu training beats traditional martial arts training hands down, based on the top reasons adults take martial arts classes.

Starting with…

Martial Arts For Fitness

All martial arts are essentially healthy, because they get you up and moving. In many traditional martial arts classes, however, you spend most of your time standing  around listening to an instructor, talking about some complicated movement that will probably take years to learn.

In Brazilian jiu jitsu, we don’t stand around and talk – we’re constantly moving. 

Of course, your instructor will explain the techniques, but class is always moving – ALWAYS. We believe that in order to survive a self-defense situation, the better shape you’re in, the greater your chances of surviving.

BJJ for Women: 3 Practical BenefitsI’ve been in real-life situations where someone attacked me for no reason, and let me tell you, a real fight is nothing like a movie fight scene.  Once your adrenaline starts flowing, your heart rate shoots through the roof, your vision focuses in, and your body starts to work overtime to help you survive.

As you can imagine, this is VERY hard on the body. You get exhausted very quickly in these real-life situations. The mental and emotional stress can weaken you as well. In order to prepare you for this, we do our best to exhasut you in each and every BJJ class.

That’s why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu beats any traditional martial arts class for fitness, no question.  No martial arts class I have ever taken has been as demanding as Brazilian jiu jitsu classes.

You may be thinking, “that sounds too tough for me!” Of course, we let our new students work up to that level. We do not try and kill you on day one! If you’re not already in shape, we’ll get you there, gradually over time.  In fact, almost all of our new students come to us out of shape and wanting to improve. After a few months of training, you’ll feel like a whole new person.


Martial Arts for Recreation

If you’ve ever been in the military or seen any kind of military training, you know that it just isn’t fun.

Guess what – most traditional martial arts are based on a military system of discipline and rank! You’ll be treated like a “recruit” or a “soldier” in most of these academies.

Some people like that But not most of us. And especially not those of us that are adults. We don’t want to pay money to have someone yell and scream at us and have to do push ups when are punches aren’t perfect. No thank you!White Belts in BJJ

In Brazilian jiu jitsu, however, we train in a family atmosphere. We treat our students like family members, not recruits. We don’t yell at you for mistakes, and we work hard to make sure that every single person in class has a positive experience. If you need to step off the floor to use the restroom, we’re not going to yell at you. In other words, we will treat you like the human you are.

As a result, the atmosphere of a Brazilian jiu jitsu class is all about working hard and having fun at the same time. We get sweaty, sure. But we also play fun music and crack jokes. If you’re going to stick with it, you need to see results, but you also have to enjoy the process.

Martial Arts for Self Defense

If you’re looking for a Denver martial arts class because you are looking to learn self-defense, you may well be barking up the wrong tree.

It is possible to learn to defend yourself in traditional martial arts classes (like Karate, Tae Kwon Do, etc), and many schools like this do teach some self-defense techniques. However, here’s what I have learned by training in the martial arts over the last ten years or so:

  • Traditional Martial Arts Tend To Be Pretty Impractical.  Most of what you learn in a traditional martial arts class has NOTHING to do with self defense. Most of the traditional martial arts styles emphasize learning outdated and ineffective skills, instead of focusing on real-world scenarios. Some schools are so focused on competition that their students never learn to deal with a real-life criminal attack. In Brazilian jiu jitsu, we only deal with realistic and practical skills. There are no rituals, patterns, or weapons. At Alchemy Combat Club, everything we teach is based in reality.
  • Traditional Martial Arts Are Outdated. If you want to learn how to defend yourself against a modern5 Ways Martial Arts Training Can Boost Your Careercriminal who is 100% focused on hurting you or your loved ones, you need to learn how to defend yourself against the way criminals attack people TODAY. But in most traditional martial arts classes, you’ll spend hours and hours learning how to defend yourself against the way people attacked each other 200 years ago. The chances of you getting caught by a samurai sword attack as you get your car from the parking garage are pretty much zero. That training is a waste of time. However, BJJ is far more modern and is based on how people attack each other in modern society. And BJJ is not stuck in the past – it’s constantly evolving and adapting to today’s needs.
  • In Traditional Martial Arts, Real Fighting Ability Comes Slowly. Traditional martial arts styles are based on complex sets of movements that take years to learn. Many experts consider 5-10 years to be a good timeline for developing useful fighting skill in a traditional martial art. You’d better hope nothing bad happens between here and there! Many traditional martial arts also have lots of flashy moves that look great, but are quite useless in the real world. If someone is bear hugging you from behind, what use is a spinning kick? Brazilian jiu jitsu is different. From your very first class, you will start to learn simple, natural movements that you can use to defend yourself that day. Thats one of the huge differences between traditional martial arts, sports martial arts, and Brazilian jiu jitsu – BJJ teaches you skills you can use immediately.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a Nutshell

So here’s what we are all about in Brazilian jiu jitsu classes at Alchemy: hard training in a fun environment that builds you into a stronger, smarter, happier person that is able to take care of themselves.

We’ll make you the best version of you yet, and we’ll have a good time doing it.


If that sounds like what you are looking for in a martial arts class, call us today at 303-900-8111 to get started for free. Or fill out the form at the top of the page to get your trial started now.